The SWIM project is focused on developing a model of writing instruction to support teachers of students with intellectual disabilities in grades K-5 .

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The SWIM project integrates the Iowa SDI Components with the SWIM Components in one dashboard.

The Shared Writing Instructional Model (SWIM) project is focused on developing, implementing, and evaluating a model of writing instruction for students with disabilities in grades K-5. The SWIM system supports student progress toward achieving grade-level expectations, attainment of appropriately ambitious instructional goals, and the development of additional self-regulation skills. One major component of the system is an online dashboard that integrates learning map models, instructional resources, and assessments into a single interface. A coaching component is designed to support the model and build teacher capacity in SWIM implementation.

Researchers at the Center for Accessible Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Systems (ATLAS) at the University of Kansas lead the SWIM project. The Iowa State Department of Education, school districts in Iowa, and a project advisory committee are collaborating with ATLAS staff on the SWIM project. The SWIM model is designed to integrate with Iowa's Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) Framework in support of improving literacy outcomes for students with intellectual disabilities.

The four-year timeline for the SWIM project includes development, pilot testing, implementation at site 1, and implementation at site 2.


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Russell Swinburne Romine
Swinburne Romine
Meagan Karvonen
Jonathan Schuster
Ronda Layman
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